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Master Class - Labor Relations and Employment: A Time of Change

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Please select a city:required fieldNew York – January 30, 2018
Los Angeles – February 27, 2018
Cincinnati – March 28, 2018
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 required fieldLabor Law Issues in the Gig Economy
 required fieldGender Issues in the Workplace: Pay, Harassment and Equality
 required fieldWorkplace Safety in the Age of Terrorism
 required fieldNLRB on the Precipice
 required fieldTax and Healthcare Reforms: Using Benefit Plans to Efficiently Compensate Employees
 required fieldAccurately Predicting Union Activity
 required fieldCollective Bargaining Contract Academy
 required fieldWage and Hour Update: An Enforcement and Regulatory Sea Change or More of the Same?
 required fieldEmployment Law Issues for Government Contractors
 required fieldCard Check Neutrality Agreements
 required fieldBusiness Immigration: Stranger Things Are Happening
 required fieldTrade Secret Protections from Disgruntled Employees
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The Master Class has been preapproved by the HR Certification Institute and Society for Human Resource Management. CLE credit hours are approved in New York, California and are pending in Ohio and other states. For more information, please email us at masterclass@bakerlaw.com.  required field  
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If you have any questions about the Master Class, including travel information, fees or other, please email us at masterclass@bakerlaw.com.  required field  



For a more detailed explanation of these courses, please click here. We will send a confirmation of your registration with the sessions you selected within 24 hours of receiving your registration.

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